Back in Seattle

My Hawaii trip is over. It was a fun time of work and relaxation at home with my parents for 12 days. I ended up seeing a few relatives while I was there, but mostly it was visiting my folks. For those of you wondering… no, I didn’t go surfing at the beach, nor did I see any waterfalls or drink any Mai Tais. I basically hung out at home, just like in anytown, USA. Now that I’m back in Seattle, I can return to my pseudo-vacation of golfing and happy hours. Life between school and work is not only void of responsibility, but it’s chalk full of free time with others that also have nothing to do before they start their jobs.

One nice surprise was returning to find that the unpacking fairy had come to clear the clutter from my room. Before I left, I basically had a room full of boxes leftover from the move from my apt. My sister Sachi went about unpacking, putting things away and even cleaned my room, so when i came home last night, it looked awesome! Kudos to my sis. I’ll try to keep my room just this clean as long as I can. Maybe packing fairies don’t exist, but unpacking ones do.

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