My new cellphone/pda toy

I recently traded in my Nokia Sidekick II cellphone for a new cellphone/pda phone with more features and things that I may need when I start work in a few weeks. My new phone is the Audiovox 6600 and I’m testing it out to see what it can do. In the past, I usually upgraded to a new phone each year… normally for technology upgrades and feature enhancements, more than for style and “coolness” reasons. This time, I upgraded since my phone has been acting strange recently and I needed a phone that could sync with my Outlook and Calendar.

I’m pretty good at understanding new technology… I can troubleshoot almost any computer problem efficiently… but with this new phone, some of the features aren’t as intuitive as I expected. With that said, I have already fumbled with some of the features. As an example, I had the phone in the holster and I thought in “sleep mode”, but it was still on and it accidently started calling my parents. I guess the touchscreen was pressed through the leather holster…. no biggie, my dad thought it was humorous that I couldn’t even figure out how to turn my phone off. I have about 13 more days to preview this phone before I’m not able to return it, so i’m going to beat this thing to death seeing how it performs and how to integrate it into my daily life. I’ve never had a PDA before, so it’ll be interesting to see if I even use half of these functions at all.

Words of warning… if I call you or “accidently” call you in the next 2 weeks, that’s just me trying to use my new toy. I probably do want to talk with you…. but it’s more likely that I just want to play around with my phone.

My new cellphone-pda

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