Don’t steal Wi-Fi…. or else!

Whenever my cable modem would crash, I would temporarily use whatever Wi-Fi signal I could find in the meantime while I fixed my modem. Wi-Fi is sometimes protected by passwords and encryption, but many people just have it “open”, since it’s easier to setup and if you forget your password, you can still use it. Beware though… if you use someone else’s Wi-Fi signal without their permission, you may end up getting in trouble.

In Florida today, a man was arrested for stealing someone else’s Wi-Fi signal. They caught him sitting outside the guy’s house in his SUV working on a computer. I know many people that borrow their neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal, so hopefully they don’t similarly get caught. I’ve sat in my car and used my computer before, but I usually was at school using the UW network, not some random person’s Wi-Fi. Lesson of the day: If you’re going to steal Wi-Fi, do it inconspicuously from your own house and not from your car.

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