Tina… eat the food

The job hunt is one of the toughest aspects of finishing school. I personally view it as a dentist appointment, where you know you need to go, but you still like to put it off till the very last possible date. Coming from the UW MBA Program, job searching is a double-edged sword. One one hand, an MBA graduate qualifies for a bunch of new opportunities that requires this newly acquired degree. On the other hand, entering a new field/industry always has a learning curve and some companies don’t like taking chances on candidates with less experience.

One of my MBA classmates has been in this predictiment for awhile now…. Tina has been on many interviews, getting to final rounds on many of them, but not quite closing the deal. With time closing like a winter’s setting sun, Tina had to find a job in Seattle or head home. She was down to 48 hours left before her flight when the call finally came. Like a coach calling into the bullpen for the 9th inning closer, she has a great opportunity at MSFT to excel (get it… Excel = a MSFT spreadsheet program). Borrowing a quote from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, we used to say to her, “Tina, eat the food”…. so now, appropriately, we say, “Tina, sign the job offer”. If you haven’t seen it, in the movie, Tina is a llama that does not want to eat the ham given to her. Okay, I’m off on a tangent now.

Tina at the ballgame

Just wanted to give a big shout out and congrats to Tina on her new job!!! WOOHOO!

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  1. Tina Says:

    I finally read this… after start working for almost a month. ^_^ Thanks so much for walking me through this long job searching process. I wouldn’t be able to hang in there until the last minute without you guys.
    But you need to put a better picture here. This doesn’t look like me… :)

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