Lift with your legs

All this week, I’m working at my parent’s house, helping to expand their bedroom by pushing out wall and creating new space. I like working at home…. the smell of saw dust, the many different power tools we get to use…. it’s all very cool. It’s frickin’ hot here in Hawaii, but at a certain point, you stop feeling the heat and just start feeling exhaustion. Today’s project included the “raising of the support beam”, which consisted of lifting a 400 pound - 18 foot long, 6″x6″ piece of wood and placing it across the middle of the room. It’s not extremely heavy, ‘cept for being so long…. we only dropped it once, narrowly getting out of the way before it fell near enough to our toes to make us count to ten to make sure nothing was missing.

We got it up in about 30 minutes, balancing the braces and adjusting the beam to make sure it fit properly. I know it’s not like building the Leaning Tower of Piza, but then again, my beam is straight, and theirs isn’t. In writing about raising a support beam, I’m curious to see if my site will be listed on search results when people are inquiring about raising support beams. My bro-in-law Lee had a crown-molding installation post on his site a year or so ago and he was one of the top sites on Google’s search for Crown Molding Installation. He has no experience with crown molding, just his experience trying to put it up (installing it upside down apparently)…. and people kept leaving questions on his site asking for advice on crown molding….. weird.

7 more days here in the Islands and then i return to the lazy days of my Seattle summer vacation. I’m having a blast now and time is flying….. if only it wasn’t 90+ degrees everyday. DAMN!

this is a big beam
Here’s a picture of the beam that my dad and I put up. It’s a biggy.

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Nice! What a job! And the windows look great too. I hope they swing the right way.

    So for Google juice - does it help if I write Raise Support Beam, Raise Support Beam, Raise Support Beam over and over again?

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