It’s tough to be a sports fan in Hawaii

Today is my first full day back home in Hawaii and I’m already starting to reminisce about growing up here. Part of growing up in Hawaii is understanding what it’s like to be a sports fan 5 or 6 hours away from the East Coast. I say 5 OR 6, since Hawaii doesn’t follow daylight savings time. Why? Maybe because we have 80 degrees and sun all year long, OR because people from Hawaii are too lazy to change their clocks twice a year. It’s probably a little of both….

When major sporting games occur, Hawaii likes to tape-delay these games to allow more people to watch it. Take today for example… Wimbledon had the women’s final. Now, I couldn’t care less who won or who was really in it, but on one channel the match was just starting, and on CNN, they were showing the winner receiving her trophy. They do this for Monday Night Football as well; where they start showing the game at 6:30pm Hawaii time, when the game is already in the 4th quarter in reality. There’s a constant “don’t turn on CNN or ESPN until I finish watching this” or else the entire game will be spoiled. It’s like someone blowing out your birthday candles before anyone gets to sing. It’s nice to know who won, but most of the fun is experiencing the game as it happens. Some things are shown live, such as Sunday NFL football. Granted, it starts at 7am, but I love it! It was so difficult going to school in Philly, waking up on Sundays and having to wait till 1pm for football.

The age of the Internet and information availability should displace the need for Hawaii TV stations to delay the showing of live sports. I’m watching Nascar right now…. yes, Nascar; (no redneck jokes please) and luckily it’s live. I’m in two different Nascar fantasy pools and I’m hoping Kevin Harvick (car #29) wins tonight, but…. uh oh, S@#T! He just crashed.

For those of you new to the “most popular sport in the U.S.”, here is the driver I wanted to win tonight.
Kevin Harvick

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  1. Lee Says:

    Yeah, if you win, you might be third from last. :)

  2. Administrator Says:

    I didn’t win, but I got 5 points for Dale Jr, while you only got 2 points. FINALLY, I’ve beaten you; although i may lose over the entire season, this was a nice victory

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