Bumbershoot weekend

I know people always say they need a break after a busy weekend… but bumbershoot really means it.  The 3-day music & arts festival in Seattle had 10 continuous stages of various acts all weekend.  The big draw was Wu Tang, Fergie, John Legend and Joss Stone.  One cool thing about seeing some of the upcoming acts, like Rodrigo Y Gabriela, was a few days later they’re on the Tonight Show with Leno working their way down the west coast.  The 2 things that make bumbershoot less than fun are the large crowds of people…. it’s almost as if you want to see smaller acts just to get away from the big crowds.  The other negative is the cage-like beer gardens.  In other festivals and even at baseball games, you can buy a beer and walk around.  At bumbershoot, beer is only available in fenced off beer-gardens that are located in various areas around the Seattle center.  The kicker is that all beer must be finished before leaving the beer garden.  I guess that prevents giving beer to minors, but it also prevents many folks from getting beer at all…. since who wants to be in a caged-in area everytime you want a cold one?   Not me. 

This weekend also included a trip to SBK…. a.k.a. Seattle’s Best Karaoke.  Now the “best” probably is in there since I don’t know if there is another competitor, so by default, I guess they’re the best and the worst at the same time.  3 hours of questionable singing always makes for a fun night where everyone agrees that singing should be left to the professionals.  But it’s still fun to belt out any song…. wheter it’s Billy Joel or Avril Lavigne…. the latter was not my best moment.  My lone OTS representative Jen held her own all weekend and shouts go out to Jen’s buddies who also made the long trek from LAX to experience a bumber-raoke weekend of fun.

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