Grand Slam update: Michelle makes it to semi-finals

This is an update for those who weren’t able to watch the Game Show Network this weekend.  My friend Michelle beat John Carpenter to advance to the semi-finals in the game show Grand Slam.  Carpenter received his fame by being the first person to win $1MM on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”…. in fact, he used his last “lifeline” on that show to call his father during the last question, not to ask for help on an answer, but to let him know that he already knew the answer and was about to win $1MM.  That cocky attitude soon disappeared once Michelle started beating him.  Michelle won the first 3 rounds to give herself a comfortable lead going into the last round.  A couple tough questions had her sweating a little, but she pulled off the win in easy fashion. 

Michelle competes against Ken Jennings in the semi’s this Saturday (4pm PDT).  Jennings is the guy that won something like 80 jeoardy games in a row.  To say he’s a nerd is like saying the sun is a little hot.  Michelle has a good chance though, so set your tivos and root Michelle on.

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