I need a packing fairy

My 600 square foot 1-bedroom apartment is a cluttered mess. I’m trying to pack things up and move out by Thursday… I’ve been trying to pack and move out for the past 2 weeks, but this is turning into a much bigger ordeal than I expected. I meant to do a lot earlier today (Monday), but I ended up golfing at Willows Run instead. A decent course, but I didn’t shoot too well. Procrastination seems to own me, and I’m getting quite good at it. How did I collect so much stuff over a short 22 month period? Tuesday is the final push to get everything out. After that, I’ll need a cleaning fairy to make my apartment respectable enough to get my security deposit back. Anyone want to volunteer? I don’t pay cash, I pay in beer and dinner.

Goodwill is going to get a bunch of clothes, some cheap furniture and if they’d take it, I’m willing to throw in my MBA textbooks. I figure the more stuff I donate, the less stuff I will need to unpack later… oh yeah, and needy people will also get to have some decent duds.

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