Baby Hannah - June 2, 2007

Just before 1am on Saturday June 2nd, Rachel and Michael delivered their first kid, Hannah. After a week of rest and relaxation (and poopy diapers), Mike and Rachel were ready to have visitors. Hannah was a little sleepy when I saw her, as you can see in these pictures. We distracted Mike enough for him to watch a baseball game on his new LCD flatscreen. However, we could tell that no matter how much joy came with getting a new big HDTV, their gift of a little girl made all other material needs insignificant. Having a kid may be the end of Mike & Rachel’s wild ‘n’ crazy social life, but think of the positives… they get to receive Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts. Congrats to Rachel and Mike!!!

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  1. Elizabeth Anderson Says:

    Baby Hannah looks adorable. You were correct in that they now can receive Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts. Having children can be very daunting. The hard part is outweighed by every smile and I love you from Hannah to her parents. Those truly are keepsakes.

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