What’s your favorite color… is it RED?

My red socks
Last night, we threw a RED party. Strangely, it was a lot more red than I expected. Between red foods, red drinks, red lights, and everything else we could make red, it was a grand ol’ time. People had to dress in red attire, which made it very interesting to see what people owned in their closet that was red. I went out and bought a shirt and socks, since I didn’t own much red. I didn’t go overboard with my costume… not like my bro-in-law Lee. His outfit had more ruffles than a bag of potato chips. I’ve put a bunch of pictures on my flckr site (on the right side of my blog). Lee has more pictures on his site if you’re interested.

We tried to make many different things, red. I even added red food coloring to spinach artichoke dip and made it turn a chunky neon pink. Needless to say, nobody could identify it as a dip and subsequently it didn’t move very well. Other things, such as Sachi’s red-velvet cake, was a great success. I guess only certain things look better with red food coloring. I debated adding red coloring to a gallon of milk, just to see what Lee and Sachi would say when they woke up this morning, but I chose not to….. aren’t I a good brother.

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