Saturday softball tournament

This weekend, my co-ed softball team played in a 1-day tournament up in north Seattle. Being June, the weather in Seattle is 80 and clear skies. The whole field consisted of 5 teams playing double-elimination. Our first game started at 9am and we whooped the other team… something like 22-8. The next game had a similar result, which put us into the championship game. Since we hadn’t lost yet, we were able to relax for a couple hours while the other teams played each other to earn the right to play us for the championship. In the final game, we played against a team that didn’t like us, since we already beat them once earlier in the day. Down 4 runs in the final inning, my team fought back and scored 5 runs to win the tournament. We all got t-shirts… yay, free stuff.

One thing we all noticed was the differences between most other softball teams and ours. Part of the difference is age and part of it is our demeaner. My team is between 28-35 yrs old and we all have higher education backgrounds. Not to sound snobby, but other teams seem to be more whiskey-tango usually with one or two guys in their fifties, trying to relive their thirties. Other teams also tend to have tattoos, or have women with legs the size of bridge abutments. We don’t fit in when compared to other teams… especially those that are competitive enough to play in weekend tournaments. Instead, we fit the mold of teams that play at Greenlake for fun with the other Seattle urbanites. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Seattle tournaments, so I guess we’ll have to keep venturing out to play the crazy-competitive and trashy teams that seem to be in every tournament.

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