2 hours of my life wasted watching Spiderman 3

On Monday I went to watch Spiderman 3, following an evening out at Refresh Seattle, where Lee spoke about how online communities are like parties waiting to happenSachi and I had collected free movie passes from a Safeway promotion a few months ago that had to be used in the next month, so we figured it would be nice to catch a current flick while out with friends.  The tickets were essentially free, but even that was paying too much.  I had seen Spiderman 1 and 2, which were both somewhat cheesy and predictable… what else do you expect from a comic-book character?   This third installment brought it to a whole new level… a new low.  I’m not giving anything away by revealing that Spiderman wins in the end… of course, he’s the comic hero.  But outside of some of the special-effects of spiderman swooping around buildings on his webs, there wasn’t much else to get excited about.  In fact, there were whole sections of the movie that were just absurd and made me think they brought in a bunch of 4th grade writers to create the story.  One thought that entered my head while leaving the theater was, “this isn’t even Netflix worthy”…. meaning that I wouldn’t want to waste a spot on my queue for this movie that’s more of a drawn out velveeta-ized sequel than anything resembling a new or worthwhile story.  Save your money and when it finally comes out on free tv, turn off your tv and go outside and do something productive…. like wash your car.  It’ll be 2 hours of your life you’ll be happy to not have wasted watching Spidey 3.

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