This softball game is sponsored by…

After a few years of playing softball in Seattle, my co-ed team (Bottom of the Fifth) finally has a sponsor.  Instead of paying the $80 per season (typically 2-3 seasons during a year), we now have a full sponsor.  A friend of ours, Tate, owns a bar/club in Fremont called Nectar.  Besides the paying of our league fees, Nectar has also provided us new uniform shirts and there’s even talk about team hats.  But best of all, Nectar provides us with a post-game hangout where they serve tasty pizzas.  Big thanks goes out to Tate and Nectar for what hopes to be the beginning of great relationship.  Check out Nectar if you’re around Fremont and itching for a bite & a drink.  FYI, so far our Nectar team is undefeated after our first two games.

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