Junk mail finds you

It’s amazing how fast junk mail finds you.  After moving into my new place in March, it didn’t take more than 7 days for new junk mail with my name on it to show up in my mailbox.  I purposefully did not fill out a NCOA (National Change of Address) at the post office… since after working at a credit card company, I know about how databases are updated with NCOA info.  NCOA updates are usually considered the most reliable addresses for marketers, so even businesses with small marketing budgets will target NCOA folks.  I’m guessing that my name was found by recording my property deed with the county.  Either that, or my mortgage/escrow company sold my new address.  If you do move, one good thing is getting a bunch of coupons for local businesses…. so if you are planning on buying something from a hardware store, or crate & barrel, or any other housewares store, update your name/address at your local county recorder or NCOA (even changing your middle initial) and you should get a bunch of “welcome to the neighborhood” coupons.  At least junk mail comes with coupons… spam email on the other hand is just crap.

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