Visit from the parents

My folks were up in Seattle visiting this past week…. and while they make up about half of my regular readership, I’ll still provide a few details on their recent visit. They mostly came up to see my house and do a few odd fixes that needed attention. Fixing loose plumbing fixtures, electrical boxes and door locks were typical changes needed for this 23 year old house. Besides getting the house in order, we also got a good helping of home-cooked food…mmm, quiche was good. We made a Costco run while they were here and added a highly anticipated device to my kitchen arsenal…. a deep fryer. With this new equipment, I’m looking forward to having a deep-fry party, where everyone brings something to fry up…. whether it’s something normal, like meat or veggies, or weird like twinkies and sushi, there’s gonna be some good ol’ frying happening in this house. If you have interesting ideas on what I can drop into the fryer, let me know.

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  1. black death monkey Says:

    where’s the pictures of the house?

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