Spring brings sports & addictive television

With April’s arrival comes another season of Mariner baseball. The team ain’t so bad this year, so far. They’re 3-2 and well rested after the snowstorm postponed games last weekend. I’m planning to go to Friday & Saturday’s games, so I’ll post pictures afterwards. Softball season is once again starting up, this time in a different community league. Apparently, the softball league we played in last year (where we were champions) didn’t have room for us this year…. so we have to play elsewhere. This isn’t the first time I haven’t been invited back after winning the previous year. Oh well.

April also bring some new addictive television. New seasons of The Deadliest Catch and Dog the Bounty Hunter just started and i just added it to the record list. The Deadliest Catch follows the Alaskan crab fishermen and is full of drama and dangerous activities. Dog the Bounty Hunter follows an unsophisticated family of bounty hunters tracking fugitives in my hometown of Hawaii. Their intentions are good, even though their methods may be a little “whiskey-tango”. Both shows have grown cult followings and I’m guessing this won’t be the last season of either one. Thank goodness for springtime and all it brings.

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