Get a $25 Safeway gift card

Every once in awhile, there’s a weird sale.  I stumbled upon one this past week here at the Seattle Safeway.  They offered a free $25 gift card just for buying 10 “qualifying” items in one purchase.  Now, depending on what the items are, it may be good or bad.  Lucky for me, the qualifying items included 12-packs of coke and Hebrew National hot dogs.  Armed with my strategy to buy 10 items, I loaded up my shopping cart with eight 12-packs of Coke Zero (stuff actually does taste very close to the real Coke) and two packages of Hebrew National Franks.  10 items, check.  The hot dogs were $2.50 each and the coke was $3.50 each.  Doing the math, that’s a total of $33.00.  Factoring in the $25 gift card brings the total down to $8.  Not bad…. if the qualifying items were jars of mayonaise or bottles of prune juice, I may not have gone for it.  But since it was stuff that’s useful, sode and hot dogs, it made sense.  I’m not a 25-cent coupon-clipping fanatic, but if the discount can be calculated in dollars, or tens-of-dollars, then I’m all over it.

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  1. black death monkey Says:

    i hear ya, brother, on the virtues of a good deal. so why didn’t you offer me a coke zero earlier today?

  2. black death monkey Says:

    oh, do you know what the capitol of Djibouti is?

  3. kevjohn Says:

    That is not a good deal. That is a great deal.
    If only we had any Safeways here in the Florida panhandle.

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