My life is in shreads

I’m moving out of my apartment this week, where I’ve been during the past two years of school. In that time, you can imagine the amount of things I’ve accumulated. I’ve borrowed a paper shreader and I am taking anything I don’t want and I’m shreading it. Mostly bills and credit card statements, but I’m including any homework assignments or old tests that I find.

In a way, it’s soothing…. kinda like therapy for my academic soul. I recommend shreading things on a regular basis. Not for the security of keeping your bank statements from being stolen from your trash, but to ceremonially cleanse your life of the paper trail that is YOU. This is starting to become a game for me…. what can be shreaded without jamming the machine?

    Here are the top 5 things I’ve shreaded so far:

  • Old birthday cards from years past
  • My first quarter grades from the MBA Program
  • A flattened Hot Pockets box
  • Golf scorecard when I shot 88
  • Airline ticket stubs from my trip to China

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