Hoyas down the Tar Heels

The showdown was inevitable…. my March Madness bracket had Georgetown winning the entire tournament, and Lee’s bracket had his UNC boys winning it all.  The confrontation would happen in the Elite 8 round, sending either the Hoyas or Tar Heels the Final Four.  It was tough to not root for the Heels, since the LeFever household is true Carolina Blue and I’ve grown to root for UNC (when they’re not playing my Penn Quakers).  Georgetown was down almost the entire game, by as much as 11 points midway through the second half.  Based on how the game was evolving, I figured I would end up losing my bracket.  But in a glass-is-half-full mentality, it would make the LeFever house happy, so a UNC win wouldn’t be that bad.  Fortunately for the Hoyas, they began playing better near the end of the game and hit a 3-pointer to tie the game in the last minute to send it to overtime.  UNC was the better team all day and arguably has the better set of players, but for almost the entire overtime, they could not buy a bucket.  Front rim, side rim, nothing…. the ball was doing everything in its power to not go through the net.  The Hoyas pulled out the comeback-overtime victory much to the dismay of the higher seeded Tar Heels.  While an unfortunate end for UNC, they played well throughout the tournament and had a good season overall.  On the bright side, my bracket is still in contention for the victory, as long as Georgetown beats UCLA in the finals next week.

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