The new home sweet home

Finally moved in.  It took about a week to slowly bring things over box by box, but I’m now living in my house.  After living in a small apt during MBA school and living at Lee & Sachi’s house for the past 18 months, I’ve finally got my own place.  The walls are white, the place is lacking furniture, but it’s perfect for me.  If you’re expecting a housewarming party, don’t get your hopes up…. there’s currently nothing to sit on, no chairs, no couches, no coffee tables, nothing.  That’ll eventually change, but for now it’s a blank canvas.

Lee & Sachi came over a few days ago to help move some stuff.  They brought the black dog with them, since Amos may on occasion need a babysitter and it’s good to introduce him to the new surroundings.  He didn’t like the hardwood floors, since it was slippery under his paws, so he mainly stayed in the carpeted rooms.  When we all went outside to the back deck, he was going around sniffing everywhere, which appeared to be normal investigatory activities for a dog.  What we didn’t realize though was that Amos is trained to go outside to pee/poop, and by walking out to the back deck, it triggered the need to pee/poop.  The back deck has a locked gate that connects to the grassy yard area.  Amos was searching desparately for a way to get to the grassy area before something came out.  We didn’t realize this and all of a sudden…. uh oh, Amos just pooped on the deck.  It was more funny than anything else, since he really tried to find grass, but couldn’t.

My new home base is in the Montlake area, so I’ve got a new neighborhood to explore.  If you have my old address, don’t worry, that still works, since it gives me a reason to visit Lee/Sachi to pick up my mail.   BTW, if you’re watching March Madness, root for G’town to win it all!!! Go Hoyas!

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  1. Lee Says:

    That’s how Amos gives housewarming. He doesn’t have any money ya know.

  2. Lee Says:

    Oh, and by the way, only losers want G-town to win. Ya’ll know better than to root for Bulldogs - remember what happened 25 years ago…

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