A penny saved is $100 earned

I need a new fridge. But buying a fridge isn’t an easy decision…. since who really keeps up with which are good brands, what’s a good price, or where’s the best place to get one? I went first to the Internet to find places around Seattle that sell refrigerators. Arnold’s, Albert Lee, Sears, & Best Buy made the short list. My first assumption was that a fridge would cost around $400. Wrong! The start below a grand, but can be upwards of $6,000. For that much, I expect to open the refrigerator door and find a chef inside preparing my food for me. About a week ago, I heard about an outlet store that Sears uses to get rid of excess inventory and returned/reconditioned items. The place is way down in Tacoma, which is quite a ways to go to buy an appliance. But for a discount (supposedly 20-40% off retail) I figured it was worth it. When I called yesterday to find out the store hours, the salesperson told me that there would be a St. Patty’s Day sale today (Saturday). As a bonus, the first 25 people thru the door at 8am receive a $100 store coupon. Wow, a sale PLUS a bonus coupon. Count me in. So early this morning, my sister and I drove down to get there by 7:45 (in case there was a line) and got our extra $100 off my fridge. Would you wake up early on a Saturday to get a discount on an appliance? Before today I probably wouldn’t have…. but just goes to show the early bird gets the worm and an extra $100 off. In case you were wondering, I didn’t get the $6000 fridge. My fridge retailed at $2000, but was on sale for $1180, and with the coupon, came down to $1080….. not bad, not bad at all.

(Sachi waiting to get let in to Sears Appliance Outlet at 8am on a Saturday)

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  1. Jeanine Says:

    Hey, do they sell other stuff at the Sears outlet in Tacoma besides appliances?
    The old Sears outlet in Sodo area was a good one, but that bit the dust years ago. I think St*b*cks remodeled the old Sears building and moved in.

  2. Mark Says:

    They have appliances, pool tables, mattresses, plasma/lcd televisions, and exercise equipment. The selection is really good with fridges, washer/dryers, and stove/ovens. Other stuff is less stocked. There was a shuffleboard table for $150 that caught my eye… if only i had a rec room basement.

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