Penn is the first team in the NCAA tourney

Congrats to my alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania (Not Penn State!) on receiving the first entry into the 2007 NCAA Basketball tournament. Penn is part of the Ivy League (aka “The Ancient Eight”), consisting of 8 schools that do not offer any athletic scholarships. Offering zero athletic scholarships makes it difficult to compete against other schools when scouting top high school athletes. Even with that, Penn has managed to hold its own against other top schools (beating Philly rivals Temple, St. Joseph’s and Drexel). The Ivy League is the only conference that does not have a post-season conference tournament, making the regular season so very important. Other conferences play a full season, just to play a conference tourney afterwards. That’s just stupid. That means the regular season means nothing, ‘cept for a conference tournament seeding. The Ivy League does it right (and smartly) by giving the team with the best Ivy record a ticket to the NCAA Tournament. That makes each and every regular season game extremely important. Penn this year is 12-1 in the Ivy with one last meaningless game against an insignificant and piss-poor Princeton team on Tuesday.

We now await to hear when and where Penn will play in the first round of the tournament. The announement will be made next Sunday afternoon. I’m guessing Penn will be a 14-seed playing against 3-seed Georgetown in Winston-Salem, NC. This is only a guess, so stay tuned to see where Penn ends up…. Go Quakers!!!

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