Watch your back Blake…

Our good friends Blake & Christi have finally gotten back at us. To back up the story, about 3 1/2 years ago, Lee, Sachi and I had a little fun on Halloween night 2003 by decorating Blake & Christi’s front & back yard with double-ply toilet paper. It was a prank that was supposed to kickstart an innocent feud between us. However, Blake & Christi never retaliated. Until this week……

Tonight, Lee noticed that the metal stars that hung on the walls of the living room were missing. These weren’t small items, one star was about 4 feet in diameter. Lee, Sachi and I realized that one of 2 things had occurred. Either 1) A bugular entered the house and took only the stars (leaving other valuable items in sight), or 2) One of our friends were playing a prank on us. Being the considerate folks we are, we called our friends who had keys to the house and asked them if they’d seen any metal stars recently. They all said they hadn’t, so we then assumed the burgular scenario.

We didn’t feel too good that a burgular had been in the house, so I went ahead and attempted to hack into the alarm system for the house. We didn’t know the code to operate the alarm, but thanks to the internet, I was able to reprogram the alarm system. That handy internet has answers to pretty much anything you need. Now that we have a working system, we rested and watched some TV again.

Only then we received a sinister email from our friends Blake & Christi…. it appears that they DID have our metal stars and this little prank was retribution for the toilet paper incident 3 years back. I’m all for the revenge of one prank for another, but 3 years? What were they waiting for? Now that the ball is back in our court, they should expect, and expect soon, the next round of practical jokes. You won’t know when, or where it will happen, but when you realize you’ve been had…. you’ll know it’s from us. muhahahahaha!!!!

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