I’m sure you’ve heard of the Nintendo Wii, a video game console released in Nov 2006. The Wii is so much different than a regular video game console. Instead of just pressing buttons, you move according to the actions of the game, whether it’s throwing a ball as in bowling, or swinging a bat or club for baseball or golf, the Wii provides a sense of actually playing the game, rather than pushing buttons on a controller.

Our favorite game so far is Wii bowling. There is a side game for bowling where you bowl 10 times, each time the game adds a row of pins to the stack…. so for round 1, you have the normal 10 pins, round 2 adds a row to make it 15 pins, round 3 is 21 pins.. and so forth. Round 10 has a mammoth 91 pins that you must knock down with 1 throw… and that is difficult. You get points for each pin you knock down, and double points in that round if you get a strike. The record in our household was previously 662, held by my sister, but I have since crushed that record and earned a jaw-dropping 740 points to reclaim the top spot in this sport.

If you have the opportunity to get ahold of a Wii, I highly recommend it. And if you have a higher score than 740 on power bowling…. bring it!

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