Crash boom bang

The five hundid’ was rocky like a possum in a cotton gin. It was smokey like a pack of pall malls in the hills of north cackilacky…. and fast like dem’ duke boys being chased by Sherriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. In the end, the Vegas born Harvick leaned his car’s nose ahead of the old-guy Martin to take the grand-daddy race of the year. I guessed wrong, but there was a good crash in the last lap, so racers and fans alike were all happy and up against the fence tryin’ to see if anyone other than Bowyer could slide across the finish line upside down on their roof.

Nuff with Nascar for now… greetings now from the sunny SoCal where palm trees made way for starlets and overpriced pizza with gouda and goat cheese are the norm. Been chillin’ at the local starbucks, doing the people watchin’ and page surfin’. Visiting some fam and friends while here, catching the tail end of winter here, which don’t go much below 50 from what i hear. Yay for that. Now if the traffic would die down a bit, it’d be paradise. Get the sunscreen out from last summer and bust out those flip-flops (or Crocs if you got ‘em, since they are the new craze, and comfy too) cause I know warmer days are ahead. Tonight I’m off to Marina del Ray to reconnect with friends, so hopefully I’ll start putting new pics up as well. More from SoCal to come….

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