Camping - dog included

This past weekend was a camping softball extravaganza…… my co-ed softball team signed up for a tournament in Mt Vernon, WA, which is about an hour north of Seattle. Instead of driving up and back each day for games, we decided to pack tents, coolers, and a coleman grill to make a camping weekend out of it. I didn’t even have to say the word “camping” to Amos… once he saw the tent and cooler in the foyer, he immediately sat by the door waiting to go. This dog loves camping…. but he’s losing the stamina to stay awake all-day at a campsite. His normal routine is sleeping for 20 hours a day, so being awake and having people all around him sure tires him out fast.

On Friday night, we hit the road and got up to the campsite by 7pm. After setting up a few tents and chairs, we were ready to camp…. which typically means, sitting around chatting with a beer. Most campsites had 4 or 6 people, which doesn’t add up to a ton of noise… but given that our whole softball team was there (plus a couple tag alongs) we easily out-noised the rest of the campsites. This also led to the park rangers stopping by a few times to shush us and finally forcing us to go to sleep around midnight. Everyone turned in to their tents… everyone except Amos and me. Seeing the oncoming rain clouds a-brewing, the black dog and I slept in the back of the SUV, which was both warmer and most-importantly, LESS WET than the tents. In the morning, there were stories of puddles in tents and tales of loud snoring episodes that I was very glad to have missed. The overnight rain turned into a beautiful clear day, but forced our Saturday games to be cancelled. We spent the day lazily playing games and walking around the campgrounds. Saturday night brought the rangers back… and this time, they not only told us to be quiet and go to sleep, but they also told us that we HAD to leave by 8am. I think that’s how they kick people out of the camp… they don’t tell you to pack up and leave in the middle of the night, they give you till daybreak to pack up and be gone. Luckily, we intended on leaving at 7:30 in order to make it to our first morning softball game.

We didn’t play any softball on Saturday, which left only Sunday to play the entire tournament. The first 3 games determined the seeding for the tournament. We won 2 games and lost 1, which made us 2nd seed. In the afternoon games, we beat up on each team we played… keeping them each under 10 runs per game. We were the only team from Seattle, all the other teams were from rural wherevers around Mt Vernon. Score 1 for the city-folk caus’ we won the whole darn thing. WAHOO! Everyone had fun, since winning is always fun. Amos was beat tired after a whole day camping and a whole day laying in the dugout watching me play softball. Everyone on the team kept complimenting Amos on being so well behaved. Well behaved??? I think it’s more the fact that he sleeps wherever he goes, not that he’s trained to be chill. Back at home, a shower never felt so good. Amos still needs a B-A-T-H, (need to spell it, since he understands this word), since he smells like dirty-dog.

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  1. mom Says:

    Perfect weather for a good botcha, Amos. And YES!! well behaved!!

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Yay! I’m sure he loved it. I’m also sure he did NOT give up his pillow all night.

  3. sachiko Says:

    theres internet terminals at the movies in prague…

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