Punahou Wins!

My high school came up to Seattle this past weekend to play in the feature game of the Emerald City Football Classic against Eastlake high school. Punahou came out strong and beat up on Eastlake, winning 23-16. The game was close score-wise, but Punahou was definitely winning both sides of the ball. My cousin Adam is actually on the team and he played phenomenally. As co-captain of the team and an awesome linebacker, he sacked the Eastlake quarterback in the endzone for a safety and also recovered a fumble. He was all over the field kicking butt and taking names. Adam’s family also came up to Seattle and I had a wonderful time reconnecting with them all. I no can speak local kine all the time, so when get chance, I no stay all haole-mainland, but I go back local way and tro’down my pidgen with slippahs on and ono luau grinds in my opu. I didn’t see many classmates of mine, but I was able to run into former teachers, friends and parents of friends who were there watching the football game. I wasn’t able to go back to Hawaii for my 10th reunion this past June, so this was a good alternative. Punahou football is currently ranked #1 in Hawaii and #10 in the Western U.S., not bad, eh? Besides the football team, the cheerleaders, volleyball team and band also made the trip. Having everyone come up from Hawaii, as well as the many many Seattle folks that came out to root for my team, it was just like being at Aloha Stadium. Congrats to the team for a good win and for representing Punahou and the Aloha State with much pride and class.

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