Bumbershoot weekend

Bumbershoot is a weekend festival of music and arts that takes over the Seattle Center. With 10 stages of music, dance, comedy, etc going on all day long for the 3-day labor day weekend, it surely brings in plenty of fans and crazies from around Seattle. I got my hands on a 3-day pass to the festival, so I popped in and out throughout the weekend when I had time. The first day I didn’t have a lot of time, so I was only able to go down there for a little while to watch Roller Derby. Yes, that’s right, roller derby. Apparently, there’s a league of female roller derby teams from around the country (Minnesota, Carolina, Bay Area, Seattle, etc) and they travel around doing these exhibitions. After about 30 min of watching, I got bored.

Sunday and Monday acts were fun, including Kanye West, Tribe Called Quest, and Bittersweet. One highlight was seeing a comedy show on Monday. If you watch the show “24″, the actress that plays Chloe O’Brian was one of the comedians in the set. My friends and I hoped that she wouldn’t be the bumbling awkward person that she plays on TV, but sure enough… she was exactly that. We laughed more at her rather than the jokes she tried telling. Tribe put on a very good show, with about 22,000 fans packed in the mainstage stadium. Kanye also packed them in, but his show was a little weak and he played more songs from other artists, than his own. Next year, if I go to Bumbershoot again, I’m getting the front-of-the-line Platinum pass, since waiting in line in the summer sun isn’t fun.

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