OBX: Day 5

The last day has arrived and it was a great day to end my vacation on. After a hearty grits and country ham breakfast, we all went down to the beach and enjoyed the sun, sand and minimal surf. The group rented a kayak and people took turns paddling out to a nearby school of dolphins that came close to shore to play in the water. The beach here has fine-grained sand, so it is difficult to run in and it is tough to get rid of. “Sitting at the beach” never has really appealed to me…. don’t know why really, but it could be because I see the beach as a sandy, salty, sunburning place that makes people want to take a shower and get all that junk off of them. I also can’t just sit there. Even with a book in my hand, I think browning in the sun for the sake of browning is a very vane process that gets people burned more often than tanned. I did hang out on the beach for an hour or two, tossing the football and frisbee around and putting my legs in the shorebreak. After that, I knew I had an air-conditioned house waiting for me just a short walk away, so there’s no need to remain in the hot sun. (You can probably see why I like living in Seattle) After cooling off a bit, I went out to pick up lunch for the group, typical carolina barbecue pork sandwiches. If you’re not familiar with carolina barbecue, it is different than what the rest of the country considers barbecue. Here in North Cackilacky, they use a vinegar-based sauce, rather than a tomato-based sauce. This gives the meat (chopped/pulled pork) a tang and refreshing taste.

Fast forward to this evening and the end of the vacation bonfire on the beach. It was sorta camp-ish, where we all sat around the fire eating smores and trying to not burn our hands while holding the marshmellow skewers. It was a wonderful way to end the week and tell jokes with my old and new friends. It’s just after midnight now, but my night isn’t over. I have a flight out of Norfolk that leaves in about 5 hours and the drive is a good 2 hours (plus stops for coffee and more coffee along the way). I’ll be back in Seattle before most of you read this blog, but here in Nags Head, North Carolina, it has been a wonderful beach house experience that I hope to repeat again in the future. I’ll post pictures when I get home. I hope you all enjoyed reading about snippets of life here in the OBX and if you get the chance, I highly recommend the trip.

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