OBX: Day 4

After last night’s crabfest, today was slow to get going. Everyone woke up at different times throughout the morning, so breakfast was a do-it-yourself affair. I’m not a cereal person, so a bowl of Special K or Cinnamon Toast Crunch just doesn’t do it for me. This is the south and traditional southern breakfast includes grits. The grits that we bought are called “Quick Grits”, which while convenient, are not respected by most southerners. As the movie My Cousin Vinny tells… “No self-respecting southerner uses instant grits. I take pride in my grits”. Since I wasn’t about to wait 20 minutes for real grits to soak, I settled for the quick grits. They were good, but then again, I eat grits about once every 2 years, so I really shouldn’t be a grit judge. The main activity today was a round of golf. Nags Head Golf Links was a nicely maintained course with narrow fairways and lots of wetland brush that gobbled up golf balls like it was Thanksgiving dinner. I lost many many golf balls, but somehow was still able to get 2 pars and a birdie during the day. The other guys in our group managed to hit a couple rooftops of fairway homes, but luckily no damage. I hit one shot into the parking lot of the adjacent wastewater treatment plant, thank goodness no cars were there at the time. After golf, we all had a quiet evening at the house, watching and rooting for the Eagles in a pre-season game. The sun can be brutal beating down on you all day, so chilling in a 68 degree house while the outside temp is 87 sure is a good thing. Although home in Seattle doesn’t get too hot normally, it’s going to be tough to go back to opening/closing windows to regulate temperature. Tomorrow looks to be a beach day and maybe some traditional shore activities. Until then…..

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