OBX: Day 3

The thrill has gone… at least the thrill of being so close to the beach. I didn’t go to the beach today, but really, I didn’t miss it. After a breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, I drove back up to Norfolk to pick up my buddy John Koehler…. a good 2 hours from our beach house. Once we got back, we settled into our normal antics that keeps us busy through the day. Being that we are near the shore, we opted to get steamed crabs for dinner, a whole half-bushel. I don’t know what a bushel contains, so a half-bushel sounds like a lot…. turns out, it’s about 40 crabs, so there were plenty to go around. If you haven’t opened a crab and scooped out the meat, it’s quite easy, although I was the first to cut myself from the sharp shells that contain the oooh-so-delicious crab-meat. I thoroughly enjoyed the crab frenzy and hope everyone gets to try it out at least once. Old Bay is okay, but after awhile, I’m looking for something different. Is there nothing else that makes crabs taste good??? The rest of the night has been chill and right now there’s nobody awake as I write the last thoughts of the great day that today was. I would love to post more pictures, but I forgot the cable that connects my camera to my laptop. So, until then, all you can get are pictures from my cell phone that I can email to my flickr account. Tomorrow is golfing and definitely other fun as well, so stay tuned to upcoming posts. Happy Friday to those of you working out there…… too bad you’re working during a beautiful day in August. Wish you were here……mmmm, crabs are delicious….

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