How to make the perfect Sangria

I’m not one for fruity drinks…. nope, that’s not me. A good amber ale or even a 18-yr old single malt scotch and I’m set. So today, my sister asked me to help create a sangria recipe for an upcoming party and all I could think of was…”isn’t sangria that drink girls have at spanish restaurants?” Well thank goodness for the trusty Internet. There are about as many sangria recipes as there are people who like to drink it. We ended up throwing together a bunch of ingredients, figuring we would look at a bunch of different recipes and meld them all together. So you’re probably thinking… Sangria taste-testing on a Tuesday afternoon? Why not, I’m on my break between school and work, so EVERYDAY is a weekend. HAHAHA

I enjoyed reading the following recipe website, where it says, “And finally: if you do experiment and find the result irresistable, make sure you have a bed handy”. I didn’t taste-test too much, partly because I have no idea what good sangria should taste like, and partly because I didn’t have a bed handy.

If you want to make your own sangria, get a pitcher, fill it 1/3 with cheap wine (cheaper the better, since the flavor is masked by everything else), add some OJ, a handful of sugar, a few globs of your favorite alcohol and then add a bunch of fruit. Shake with ice and serve. I know that’s not a very exact recipe, but as long as it’s a little sweet and a little fruity, it’ll work.

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