A new twist on a barber shop

July 30th, 2007

The average guy probably goes to a barber shop to get his hair cut. Why a barber shop? Well because it’s a place where sports is talked about, it has little frills, and it doesn’t smell like a flowery perfume shop. Most guys don’t go to salons or to a “stylist”… since we’re not looking for a new dew, we’re looking for a chop…. so we don’t have to fuss with it in the morning. I was looking for a new barber shop the other day, since the one I usually go to has inconvenient hours. And I found a place called “Sports Clips”.

Sports Clips is a franchise haircut shop that caters to guys. The same reason why most guys get drawn to the tool and television departments in Sears, Sports Clips has found a formula that seems to work. As you can probably imagine, the decor is sports-themed. Jerseys, helmets, and memorabilia line the walls and the high-school locker fashioned cabinets store the haircutting supplies. When you sit in the chair, instead of pointing you to the mirror to watch yourself (like every other hair cutting shop), you face a personal tv showing ESPN, or whatever local sports program is on. Nice touch. After a typical barber haircut, the barber would brush your neck…. but all those little hairs would still make your neck itch. At Sports Clips, they wash your newly cut hair and get rid of all those pesky loose hairs.

While your hair is drying, a clean hot towel is placed on your face and it makes you feel like you’re at a spa…. without the smelly scented oils that can make you smell like potpourri. After a minute or two with the hot towel, they use one of those hand-held vibrating back massagers that you’d find at the Sharper Image. Very nice and totally needed after a long day at work.

If you get the chance, I recommend trying this place…. if anything, to tell your barber that he’s got competition.

Trivia night winners

July 20th, 2007

A few times each year, I get together with friends for trivia night.  There are a bunch of bars around Seattle that hold a trivia night once a week, which consists of someone reading trivia questions over a microphone while teams of 4-6 people at each table attempt to answer the 40 questions.  Each city has bars with trivia nights, in Philly we called it quizo nights.  So last night, I met some friends at Norm’s, a chill Seattle bar in the Fremont district.  The previous quiz night at Norm’s was back in December, when Lee & Sachi came to play as well.  We didn’t do too well that night… I think we got 23 points out of 40, resulting in 7th place out of about 20 teams.  This time was a different story.  After round 1, we were a perfect 10 points out of 10.  Round 2 had a couple hiccups, but we still pulled 8 points…. resulting in a halftime score of 18 points, tied for 1st place.  The third and fourth rounds were a bit harder and we only squeezed out 12 out of the possible 20 points in the 2nd half.  Figuring we had enough for a top 5 place but probably not enough to win, we paid our bill and were ready to leave…. but wait….. we ended up winning by 1 point.  WOOHOO!  This is the first time I’ve won, and I’ve played about 20-30 times.  The cash prize was $165, split 5 ways.  A $33 payday ain’t bad for answering a few questions.

Just to see if you’re smart enough to play trivia, here are a few questions from last night:

  1. Measuring over 3100 square miles, what is the largest U.S. city in terms of area?
  2. What Tammy Wynette hit was sung by Jake & Elwood Blues in the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers”?
  3. During the 1980’s, name the only two Chicago Cubs to receive the MVP award?
  4. In the 2004 movie “Dodgeball”, what are the five “D’s” of dodgeball?
  5. What songstress has a museum dedicated to her in Kentwood, Louisiana?

If you know the answers to these questions (without looking on the Internet), then you’re probably great at trivia since you’re filled with useless knowledge.  If you can’t answer these, then consider yourself among the normal, since most people shouldn’t know all these weird facts.

How to pick a Presidential candidate

July 10th, 2007

There are 219 days till the Iowa caucus, which means it’s getting into prime political campaigning time.  The question though is, how do I learn about the different candidates and find one to support?  I guess you could watch the many different talking head programs to hear sound bytes on each candidate…. or you could read transcripts of speeches to learn about candidate views….

Instead of doing all that work, just go to www.MyElectionChoices.com.  This site will allow you to select the national issues that are most important to you.  For each issue, you will then review a series of statements or opinions made by various candidates and determine which ones you agree with.  The candidate identities for each statement is withheld to remove all artificial biases toward specific candidates.  After determining the statements you agree with, the site then tells you which candidates you have most in common with.
The results may shock you…. even point you to a different political party…. but it provides a launching pad to learn about candidates you may have ignorantly overlooked.

I think if people use this site to really find out about candidate positions, it will educate voters to think for themselves and not just vote for who the media tells them to vote for.  Try it and see if you truly agree with the candidate you intend to vote for.