California Speedin’

February 28th, 2007

Vroom Vrooooom - What an incredible weekend! I just got back from a fantabulous time at the California Speedway in Fontana, CA. The whole fam came together and met up to watch a little Nascar. Now I know what you’re thinking…. “Nascar??? really? Ain’t that for dem hicks in Alabama?” Well this isn’t your father’s Nascar anymore. It’s certainly becoming the nations most popular sport (fanwise) and by the crowds over the weekend, I can see why.

We got setup in fine style, sportin’ a 35ft Class-A RV in the first row of the infield (at the end of turn 2). See, RVs are parked in the infield of the track, as many as 10 rows deep. Being that we wanted to see the cars up close, we got a spot about 30 feet from the track. That was close. Some of the pics on the flickr links on the right show shots from our vantage point sitting on top of the RV. This was my first time in an RV and I was surprised how much room it offered. There was even plenty of room to bust out some Wii bowling.

During the weekend, we had lotsa time to wander. I was particularly impressed with the access we had to visit the pits and walk around on the track. We got up close to many of the cars prior to the race, which doesn’t mean much to non-fans, but it’s similar to walking around the Safeco infield prior to the Mariners taking the field. One thing that is somewhat lost in watching Nascar on TV is the sound. It’s as loud as an airplane engine with more of a biker muffler sound. Even with earplugs on, it still rang my ears.

Part of the weekend was the choosin’ of drivers by each of my family members. Each person then had to wear the hat of their driver all weekend and subject themselves to the praises and high-5’s from fans of that driver, as well as the jeering from other fans who wish your driver would hit the wall and flip upside down. My driver was Matt Kenseth, driving the #17 DeWalt Ford. DeWalt makes power tools, so how much more of a typically manly Nascar sponsor can you get? It’s not like the Betty Crocker Cheerios car, which looks about as fruity as the rainbow color Jeff Gordon car. After the 500 mile race on Sunday, the winner was none other than my boy, Matt Kenseth. I sported my winning driver hat the rest of the night.

If you have the inclination to visit a Nascar race, I would HIGHLY recommend the whole infield experience. Instead of fighting traffic, lines, crowds, and overpriced vendors, you can enjoy the race from your own seat on top of your RV. And if it’s cold or you need another beer from your fridge, you can go inside your kitchen/dining/bedroom vehicle and watch the race on your TV while sitting in your captain’s chairs. I think it’s the only way to fully enjoy the racing weekend.

(Photo courtesy of Lee LeFever)

Me cheering on my driver

Crash boom bang

February 20th, 2007

The five hundid’ was rocky like a possum in a cotton gin. It was smokey like a pack of pall malls in the hills of north cackilacky…. and fast like dem’ duke boys being chased by Sherriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. In the end, the Vegas born Harvick leaned his car’s nose ahead of the old-guy Martin to take the grand-daddy race of the year. I guessed wrong, but there was a good crash in the last lap, so racers and fans alike were all happy and up against the fence tryin’ to see if anyone other than Bowyer could slide across the finish line upside down on their roof.

Nuff with Nascar for now… greetings now from the sunny SoCal where palm trees made way for starlets and overpriced pizza with gouda and goat cheese are the norm. Been chillin’ at the local starbucks, doing the people watchin’ and page surfin’. Visiting some fam and friends while here, catching the tail end of winter here, which don’t go much below 50 from what i hear. Yay for that. Now if the traffic would die down a bit, it’d be paradise. Get the sunscreen out from last summer and bust out those flip-flops (or Crocs if you got ‘em, since they are the new craze, and comfy too) cause I know warmer days are ahead. Tonight I’m off to Marina del Ray to reconnect with friends, so hopefully I’ll start putting new pics up as well. More from SoCal to come….

I’m back and well rested….

February 18th, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day and let’s see… what other holidays have I skipped over since my last post in October??? Oh well, after a winter hibernation, is back in action. Sorry to those who have been faithful readers, but with a new year, comes a new outlook… and a new subjects to post on.

This first post is dedicated to the granddaddy of races, the NASCAR Daytona 500. You will see a few NASCAR posts in the next few weeks due to the start of the 2007 season, as well as my upcoming travels, (more on that in future posts) so if you don’t know much about NASCAR or racing in general, I suggest you turn on your TV on Sunday afternoons and enjoy what the southern states have known for decades, that the real national sport is going 185 mph around a asphalt oval. Lee, Blake and Chuck are in a NASCAR league with me, and I am declaring that come November, when the season concludes, I will be on top, with Lee a distant 2nd, Blake closely behind in 3rd and Cha Cha waaaaay back anchoring the field. Good luck to them all, but they ain’t got nothin’ on the baws hawg.

My prediction for today’s Daytona 500 is Dale Jr taking the checker and continuing the drama of demanding to own a larger stake in Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. Harvick will post a respectable 2nd place finish after his strong win yesterday at the Busch series. Rounding out the rest of the top 5 will be Stewart, Kenseth (GO DeWalt!!!), and Bowyer. We’ll see how the race plays out, but I’ve got a good feelin’ bout dem drivers.

More posts upcoming as I ramp up the blog production once again. Many new things to write about, from new electronics to new living quarters… lots of updates. Lee & Sachi are back from their trip, Amos is still sleepy and I’m off to California for the week starting tomorrow.

Thanks for coming back to the blog and look forward to more posts upcoming….