Neck infection

July 18th, 2006

About a month ago, Amos got his semi-annual check-up. He passed with flying colors, including the blood tests done. Because he’s a hairy dog, they had to shave about an inch of hair from his neck to get the blood sample. I don’t know if he scratched it, or if it was the collar rubbing against it, or what the reason, but about a week ago, I noticed his neck was infected and not looking too good. Luckily, I was working from home that day and was able to take him to the vet. The doc said it wasn’t too bad and that he’d get better in about 2 weeks, undergoing antibiotic treatment of 3 pills/day and a twice/day antibiotic spray on the infection. Sounds simple… doesn’t it? So the regiment for the past week has been to take him into the bathroom and wash his neck with soap/water 3 times per day, before he gets his pill. He’s pretty good about sitting there while I clean his neck, since I use warm water and it’s pretty painless. After the neck cleaning, he gets his treat, otherwise known as his antibiotic pill (wrapped in peanut butter, since he hates medicine). Following the peanut butter treat, he knows what’s next….. the hated hated spray. It could be the smell of the spray, or the cold mist on his neck, or the spritzing sound…. but whatever it is, he HATES it. Since he’s dialed-in to the routine already, he know to scurry away and hide when the spray bottle comes out. Luckily, I’m still the boss (alpha-male) of the house and I can always make him walk over to me, no matter how anxiously he does it. He’s getting better and for the most part, he doesn’t scratch at his neck, so I’m thinking he’ll be 100% very soon. Amos now sports a harness when going on walks, since it wraps around his stomach, rather than his neck. And don’t worry Lee/Sachi, costs for medicine, vet visits, and the new doggie harness will be added to the Amos bill awaiting you on your return… hahaha.

Weekend catch-up

July 13th, 2006

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and a lot has happened in that time. After the craziness of the fireworks and the 4th, Amos stopped hiding in the bathroom and went back to his regular sleeping in front of the tv for hours on end. Last Friday, the Mariners played the Tigers and I had great seats to the game. I’m not talking about my regular seats on the 3rd base line… my buddies and I had 2nd row behind home plate seats in the Diamond Club (thanks to excessive bidding during February’s C4C auction). These seats were so close, we were physically closer to home plate than the pitcher’s mound. I’ll get to the good stuff…. First there was a fancy buffet dinner served behind our seats in the Diamond Club Lounge, a swanky joint. Also, the whole point is that everything is included in the ticket price… all food, drinks, everything including in-your-seat service. Needless to say, we all partook and had a tremendous time. At the conclusion of the game, the umpire walked by and tossed the remaining baseballs into the stands. Given our proximity, my buddy Peter and I went up to try and catch it… here comes the good part…. the ump tosses it just out reach of Peter’s outstretched arms and I half-dive for it, luckily being able to snag it before it hits the ground. Granted, the ball wasn’t used, but it’s still a great trophy for a memorable evening up close at the ballpark.

Saturday night was a wedding for two friends of mine, Todd and Erin. I worked with Erin in the UW admissions office as a part-time gig during Business school. What a great wedding and reception. The dance floor was packed most of the night and they finally had to force us all to leave. That’s the sign of a great wedding, when nobody wants to leave until they push you out the door. I’ll post pictures later on, both of the ballpark and of the wedding. There’s been a few “amos-related” posts recently, and probably the next one will be about Amos again, since that dog seems to always have something going on. Stay tuned…..

Doggie earmuffs

July 2nd, 2006

Fireworks have all the qualities a dog hates… loud bangs, stinky smoke and flashes of light. Amos doesn’t really hate fireworks as much as he’s OVERLY scared of them. During a walk a few nights ago, some kids popped some fireworks on the grassy boulevard about 100 yards away from us. It was just kids being kids (although a good 5 days before the official 4th of July). Since Amos was off-leash, the moment the fireworks started popping, he was running…. across the street and into the house. Luckily, no cars were coming. But since that time 2 nights ago, I think he’s now scared of going for a walk. Poor guy. I can still get him out there on the boulevard, but it’s like I’m forcing him to go to a proctologist, rather than out to pee. I can just imagine the impact of the upcoming 4th of July and the likely popping firecrackers to come. I’ll probably just play some loud music in the house and hope he doesn’t hear the “pop-pop-pop” from the neighborhood kids. Does anyone sell doggie earmuffs and how do they fit over his floppy ears? Somehow, after posting this entry, I have a feeling I’m going to get comment-spam from doggie earmuff online merchants….. drat. Here’s hoping for a quiet 4th of July with little-to-no explosive festivities.