Have you met “The Man”???

April 22nd, 2006

First of all, I have to say that the Mariners finally won a game that I attended. YAY! It happened on Wed night when they came back to tie-then-win the game in the bottom of the 9th inning… talk about squeeking by in victory. Well, the point of this post is not to talk about the win, but instead to talk about “The Man”.

“The Man” is super-hot spicy sauce served at Dixie’s BBQ. The BBQ (either pork, beef brisket or chicken) is very good and saucy. I’ve eaten there a few times, both at their store locations and at their satellite locations at Safeco Field (Home of the Seattle Mariners). Tonight Peter and I got BBQ while at the ballpark and Peter decided he wanted to meet “The Man”. Now when I say this is hot sauce, I’m not talking about a wasabi hot, or even a tabasco hot…. this is off-the-scale hot and is served using a toothpick. To be clear, a toothpick amount of “The Man” is enough to make a whole sandwich spicy and seemingly unbearable. I used the tip of the toothpick and got a dab of sauce on my sandwich and I felt the burn in my mouth for a few minutes. Peter, unlike myself, is known for getting spicy wings and is tolerant of almost anything hot. Having not previously tried “The Man”, Peter took 2 (I say again, TWO) spoonfuls of “The Man” and mixed it into the BBQ brisket of his sandwich. From the first bite, you could tell he wasn’t doing well. Before continuing, a soda was purchased. After about 4 more bites, it became a testiment of wills…. Peter vs. “The Man”. The sandwich won and Peter tossed in his towel along with any ability to enjoy the rest of the game. To quote Peter, “That was the hottest thing I have ever eaten.” As you can tell from the picture, “The Man” gets a thumbs down. I guess it was too hot to be enjoyed.

Peter Thumbs Down

Luck turning around

April 16th, 2006

A follow-up from the previous “Bad Luck Mojo” post…. the Mariners lost on Sunday 4-6, which only somewhat proves I’m bad luck. They were scoreless through the 7th inning and I was thinking that I may never see them score again…, but they got one run in the 8th and 3 more in the 9th before losing by 2 runs. Funny thing is that they had runners on 2nd and 3rd when they got their last out, so they were 1 hit away from tying it up. Oh well. The experiment continues on Tuesday when the Mariners return home to play Texas.

On a more positive note, during a Seattle-wide company meeting on Friday, I think I found my good luck again. As an incentive to get people to the meeting on time, there is a drawing for a door prize right at the beginning of the meeting. Of the approx 80 folks in the room at the time, guess whose name they called…. yup yup! So just for showing up on time, I’m the proud owner of an Ipod Nano (which is an Ipod about the size of a credit card). I didn’t previously have an Ipod, since everytime I thought about getting one, there’d be news that a newer and better Ipod was about to be released….. So maybe Steve Jobs is actually hurting sales by always trying to entice the public with a new upcoming product (Just my opinion of course). With the new addition to my gadget arsenal, I have no reason to visit BestBuy anymore…. except maybe for a plasma… but that’s a whole new ball of wax. Happy Easter to everyone and hopefully the Easter Bunny left you a little treat, or even better, hopefully Uncle Sam coughed up a little refund.

Bad luck mojo

April 9th, 2006

I think Peter and/or I, give bad luck mojo to the Mariners. Peter is a Detroit Tigers fan and I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan. But, since we live in Seattle, we both are secondary Mariners fans. Opening day at the Mariners was somewhat close… I think we lost 6-5, which isn’t that bad. But, over the next 3 games, the Mariners won them all. Then comes Friday. After missing the Tues-Wed-Thurs games, Peter and I attend Friday night’s game and our bad luck mojo is quickly felt. First of all, the ceremonial first pitch is tossed by the basketball coach of the Seattle University (Sachi’s MBA alma-mater) and the ball bounces before getting to home plate…. never a good sign. Talk about jinxing the whole game. Anyway, Seattle is playing typical Seattle-style baseball… i.e. each player is hoping someone else on the team will make a hit/run. There isn’t much to report on the game, as Oakland ended up pitching a 2-hit shutout. That means Seattle didn’t score and only produced 2 pitiful hits in 9 full innings. At this point, Peter and I are thinking…. “They win when we’re not here and they lose when we come to watch them”. Maybe it’s just bad timing, we conclude. Saturday rolls around and another game against Oakland. Again Peter and I hope for the best and expect the worst. Another 9 innings pass and this time, Seattle musters up only 1 hit. Another shutout tossed by Oakland. This can’t be blamed on the team, can it? It must be me and Peter coming to the game. Well, we’re settling part of this mystery today, as I’m going to the game, but Peter isn’t. So we at least will know if Peter is the jinx or if I’m the jinx. It’s going to be a long season if they get shutout everytime we go to a game…. hahaha. Now if only my Phillies could get their first win of the season… They’re 0-4 and already in last place in the NL East. Good job Philly, way to get our hopes up during the offseason just to dash them so quickly in the first week of the season. Typical Philly style; over-promise and under-deliver.

Seattle Mariners - Opening Day

April 5th, 2006

Monday was Opening Day for the Mariners… and in true form, they lost. I have half-season tickets this year along with one of my friends Peter, so I expect to see many games this year. Besides the baseball game, there will be other side-games that we’ll be playing during each trip to the ballpark. One of them is “Find the free parking without getting a ticket”. This involves finding a parking spot near Safeco Field where I don’t have to pay for it, AND where I don’t get a ticket. Most places around the field are 1-hour parking, if not private lots, so it’s a tough game and one that I intend to have a 20% loss rate. The other game we play is “mound ball”. This is a game I originally learned from my college roommate Adam McCabe, that I’ve shared with whoever goes to the ballpark with me. It’s a simple game… at the end of every half-inning, when the 3rd out is made, the ball is tossed toward the mound for the next team’s pitcher. If the ball is not returned to the mound by the players, the umpire usually then tosses a new ball onto the mound. The turn rotates to all the players and if the ball stays on the dirt mound during your turn, you win… if it doesn’t, the $$ carries over to the next turn. It allows you to cheer for something during a 10-1 blowout game. There’s always mound ball during even the boringest of games. And here’s to 39 more games and hopefully 39 wins as well!!!

I’m back….

April 1st, 2006

Hey Blog-readers… sorry again for the temporary vacation. After sitting in front of my laptop for hours and hours during the day at work, I relish the ability to avoid my laptop once I get home. Granted, I still do work emails and such at home, but it’s because I need to, versus the blog, which sometimes can be left on the back-burner.

So What has been going on recently you ask??? Well let’s see. Since my last entry, I’ve traveled to Phoenix for a friend’s bachelor party and the following weekend attended a wedding here in Seattle for Mike and Traci Liu. Mike was a classmate of mine. There are pictures on my flickr site (see right). During the week, work has been taking most of my time, so no big news to report there. Now that we’re all caught up to the present, let’s see what’s new to report.

It’s April 2nd and we just lost an hour. Why is my weekend shortened??? They should switch time at noon on a Tuesday, since then we’d all have to work an extra hour less, hahaha. The only other thing to report is the new neighborhood pizza joint that opened a few weeks ago. It’s called Mioposto and is located at the entrance to the Mt. Baker neighborhood. Very good pizza and I could see this giving Tutta Bella a run for its money. Plus, it’s only 4 blocks from my house, so it’s PERFECT on those lazy weekends when I don’t want to cook. I went with the Rahn’s on Friday and we sampled a few salads, a few pizzas and left very full (with leftovers). I highly recommend it if you are in the area. Coming up on the next post…. Opening Day baseball with the Mariners on Monday. They are currently tied for first place (since the season hasn’t started yet), so Seattle is enjoying it’s first-place position while it lasts……