Graduation Day

June 12th, 2005

Tonight was the finale of my MBA career. Graduation night. It was a great night of pomp and circumstance, with a little humor and inside jokes mixed into the speeches. I was absolutely blown away when I was awarded the “Student Service Award” by the faculty. Much of the night is a blur, since I was having so much fun with all of my friends. Following graduation, the reception turned into a slew of pictures and memory-creating craziness, with many photos taken of many great friends. I hope to put a few on flickr soon.

I think tonight was the last time I’ll see a bunch of my classmates, due to distance and situations. There are quite a few that I intend to keep in touch with…. quite a few. But it looks difficult, if not seemingly impossible to have close contact with those leaving town or leaving the country. Let this be the first of many attempts to keep in contact with those from my past. A tunnel of communication that extends through time and distance to keep friendships in the “now”.

But I digress…. I just wanted to say that I had a fun time with great friends and my parents and family were there to see it all. What a great finish to a wonderful two years of schooling.

Graduation week

June 6th, 2005

Ok, so I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks due to exams and other final projects having to do with my MBA. Now that things are slowing down, I have more time to kick-it and start this whole blogging thing. This is graduation week, which means I have a ton of time and not much to do. Graduation is coming up on Saturday (June 11th). My folks are coming into town for it, and oh yeah, my sister is also graduating this weekend (on Sunday) from her MBA program. 2 MBAs in one family? Don’t worry, we don’t sit around all day comparing balance sheets or EBITDA….. not yet anyways.

Golf seems to be the sanity that keeps me going these days. I’m heading out today to Washington National where I hope to lose not more than a couple golf balls. This course is pretty nice, and cheap (read: student rates), so I hope to play there a bunch of times this summer.

Look soon for a Flickr link to some pics and other junk in the near future. My bro-in-law Lee is helping me with this technical mumbo-jumbo, so give it a week and it should be all up and running.